The Benefits of Low Threshold Doors

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Low threshold doors are increasingly being specified for more and more projects.

Whether new build or retrofit, seamless access through entrance and double doors is required for a variety of reasons.


Equality and Human Rights Accessibility Low Threshold Doors

Doors are such a big part of accessibility, proving entry and exit points for the indoors and outdoors.

This is especially important for people with limited mobility.

In 2018, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EMHRC) inquiry reported that 365,000 disabled people say their home is not suitable for their needs. According to the Chair of the EMHRC, David Isaac, many homes can create a sense of being trapped and are the cause of distress.

It’s troubling that people’s right to independence should be limited to their home. Especially as we know this can lead to isolation and limited access to education or employment, which in turn is detrimental to mental health and well-being.

To combat this, and help people gain access to the outdoors easier, Building Regulations Approved Document Part M offers guidance. The updated Building Regulations state that all new build properties need to be more easily accessed and adapted should they need to be.

The best way to make entering and exiting homes easier is for the doors to be fitted with suitable thresholds.

Low, compact and seamless thresholds are vital for those with limited mobility and ease of wheelchair access, as there are no difficult ramps or upstands to navigate over.

Family friendly

children accessibility low threshold doors

Low thresholds aren’t just beneficial for disabled or elderly people, they’re ideal for the whole family.

Doors that lead out onto the garden often have children running in and out through them. That’s why it’s important that there aren’t any high upstands for children to trip over as they require a smooth, level, step-free access.

This is also great for pushchairs too, as parents can enjoy the garden with their small children without having to worry about lugging a heavy pram over a high threshold. Instead, they can simply wheel it through.

Low threshold entrance doors are crucial too, as it makes day-to-day tasks, such as rushing out to work, getting children out of the door for school and carrying shopping in, less cause for concern for homeowners.

Increased garden use

Accessible garden low threshold doors

Double doors look fantastic in any living space and choosing low thresholds allow the doors to be a practical feature.

Low threshold doors merge the indoors and outdoors successfully, so that homeowners can appreciate their garden more, seamlessly exiting into the garden to enjoy their outdoor space.

Step free access makes things like dining outside and entertaining guests easier, as homeowners don’t need to worry about telling everyone to mind the step or taking extra care when carrying food and drinks out into the garden.

Sleeker appearance

Low threshold bifold door

Low threshold doors offer a sleek, clean-cut appearance, which is the aesthetic that homeowners, architects and developers are increasingly looking for.

Low threshold entrance doors create an impressive feature, without any bulkiness to spoil the stunning style of the entrance doors that are on the market now.

One of the biggest appeals of double doors for the garden is that they offer sleek style, thanks to the large glazed areas and slimline frames. Low thresholds complete the look by offering an unobstructed, uninterrupted view of the outdoors, without any chunkiness to impair the view.

FX15 from MI Products is the ultimate low threshold solution

Genuine Part M 15mm FX15 threshold from MI Products

As leading hardware specialists, we’ve designed and developed the FX15 threshold as a complete solution for low threshold doors.

FX15 has achieved a genuine 15mm upstand without any extensions or ramps, creating a compact, contained threshold that successfully meets Building Regulations Part M.

The design of FX15 means that it allows for easy access for those with limited mobility and children, while creating a sleek feature that offers just as much function as it does form.

FX15 is suitable for double, single and composite doors, giving installers a complete solution for the whole property when working on new build projects or adapting homes on retrofit projects.

As well as this, FX15 offers more benefits, such as a clever security mechanism. The low threshold features a “Slide and Lock” shootbolt striker system and a fixed security mushroom. As the door closes, the fixed security mushroom engages into its striker. By locking the door, the shootbolt is engaged and the door can’t disengage, lift or drop. This helps the door to meet Secured by Design certification and is also a big sell to homeowners, offering visible security.

Thresholds are a vital part of weatherproofing a door. They need to be able to stop any water from getting in and prevent any cold spots or draughts. FX15 has passed BS6375 part 1 and 2 tests for weathertightness to ensure doors using the threshold will be protected from the elements.

To solve the problems of time, wastage and the skills gap in the industry, the FX15 threshold has been designed to offer ease of fabricating and fitting, ultimately saving money.

Our low threshold is supplied fully prepped and pre-packed so that all you need to do is pick it up off the shelf and fix it into the doors using just two screws, saving time and leaving no room for mistakes.

For more information on creating low threshold doors, get in touch with the experts at MI Products.

We can create the FX15 bespoke for your project, giving you the ideal low, compact, seamless, secure and weatherproof threshold you need.